Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property RuaisFazendas MS

Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property Ruais


1400.00 ha Aquidauana-MS

Report the sale of farms in the municipality of Aquidauana-MS.

1-AREA: 1400.00 ha. (One thousand, four hundred acres) or ALQ 578.51. (Five Hundred and Seventy-Eight and Fifty-One Alqueires Ares), documentation in order.

2-LOCATION: Near Aquidauana-MS, facing the gravel roads - the central west - the state of Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.

3-WORKS MADE (IMPROVEMENTS): 01 House seat comfortable balcony (Species of porch to front and / or around houses, especially in the field, balcony, verandah, porch:), orchard of fruit trees, houses 01 employees , shed small, rural electricity (three phase), arreador for troops, wood taken to the corral, pasture divisions with 20 fences with steel wires in hardwood (Aroeira) in a good state of conservation corridors for movement of livestock by all property to picket troop (Small grazed).

4-WATER AREA (HIDROGRAPHY): Dams strands with water and artesian well.

5-SURFACE LAND (TOPOGRAPHY): flat with a slight slope to watery (Automation 100% mechanical).

6-GRAZING (PASTURE): Grass (Gramineae) MG-5, Brachiarão, and mombaça humidicola. (Part of the newly formed pastegens) Alcira (land divided into piles) without clean stumps (base of the trunk of trees scarred or implanted in the ground).

7-SKILL (SKILL, ABILITY): Livestock (raising, breeding and fattening).

8-SOLO-TYPE: mixed black loam (high vegetation).

9-PRICE: R$ 6.000,00. (Six Thousand Reais) per hectare in Brazilian currency.

10-TOTAL: R$ 8.400.000,00. (Eight Million, Four Hundred Thousand Reais).

11-CONDIÇÕES: Negotiable, CONTACT: fazendasms@fazendasms.com.br Phone: (67) 3352.8037 | (67) 9959.5699 | (67) 8121.3132 | in city Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.


  • Price: R$ 8.400.000,00
  • Locality: Aquidauana - MS
  • Type: For livestock farms
  • Purpose: Sale
  • Payment: To combine
  • Size: 1400 Hectares


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