Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property RuaisFazendas MS

Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property Ruais


2.000 ha Camapuâ_MS

Report from farm to sale in the municipality - Camapuâ_MS

1-AREA: 2,000 ha. (Two thousand hectares) or 826 acres. (Eight hundred and twenty six acres), documentation in order (Gelreferenciada).

2-LOCATION: 90 km Camapuao-MS, being close to the asphalt, gravel on a dirt road in good repair - the Central West - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.

3-MADE WORKS (IMPROVEMENTS): 01 house seat comfortable balconies, orchard, 02 employee houses, sheds, rural electricity (three phase), arreador for troops, complete corral (balance - trunk - guillotine), 22 divisions of pasture with fences with steel wire in hardwood (Aroeira) in good condition, movement corridors for livestock.

4-WATER AREA (basin): 01 brook traversing the boundary of the property, 02 springs with water wheel, ponds, artesian well for the headquarters and usefulness pilhetas, reservoir 01 and 200,000 liters pilhetas.

5-topography (topography): Flat (100% mechanical automation).

6-Pasture (pasture): Brachiarão.

7-FITNESS (skill, ability), livestock (creating, growing and fattening),

8-SOIL TYPE: mixed red and sandy.

9-PRICE: $ 4.500.00 (Four thousand five hundred reais) per hectare in Brazilian currency.

10-TOTAL: R $ (Nine million dollars).

The 11-CONDIÇÕES combine, CONTACT: fazendasms@fazendasms.com.br F: (67) 3352.8037 | (67) 9959.5699 | (67) 8121.3132 | in city Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.
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  • Price: R$ 9.000.000,00
  • Locality: Camapuâ - MS
  • Type: For livestock farms
  • Purpose: Sale
  • Payment: To combine
  • Size: 2000 Hectares


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