Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property RuaisFazendas MS

Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property Ruais


2.365 has Campo Grande MS

Report farm for sale in Campo Grande-MS.

1-AREA: 2,365 ha. (Two thousand three hundred sixty-five hectares) or 977.27 alq. (Nine hundred seventy-seven and twenty-seven acres ares), Geo-referenced Property.

2-LOCATION: 100km from Campo Grande-MS, and 70km by dirt road gravel - central west - the state of Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.

3-MADE WORKS (IMPROVEMENTS): 01 wooden house as headquarters, 02 employees of wooden houses, rural electric light phase, shed (shed), with 06 yard asides, Brete (narrow corridor) and guillotine arreador for troop that pampas touch the animals, with 12 divisions of pasture fences outside in hardwood (Aroeira) and built with wood from savannah, paddock (paddock Small) corridor for transportation of cattle across the property, food for cattle with lame and pilhetas (small water basins).

4-WATER AREA (Hydrography): 01 streams are small, 01 medium-sized river, 02 dams with water, containing 02 water wheels, springs 04, pilhetas (small water basins).

5-topography (topography): flat with a slight slope to watery (100% automation mechanics).

6-Pasture (pasture): Grass and brachiarão decumbens.

7-RELEASE (SKILL, ABILITY): livestock (raising, breeding and fattening) and eucalyptus.

8-SOIL TYPE: Mixed sandy.

9-PRICE: U.S. $ 4,500.00 (Four thousand five hundred dollars) per hectare in Brazilian currency.

10-TOTAL: U.S. $ 10.642.500.00 (Ten Million six hundred and forty two thousand and five hundred dollars) in Brazilian currency.

11-CONDIÇÕES: Negotiable, CONTACT: fazendasms@fazendasms.com.br F: (67) 3352.8037 | (67) 9959.5699 | (67) 8121.3132 | city Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.


  • Price: R$ 10,64
  • Locality: Campo Grande - MS
  • Type: For livestock farms
  • Purpose: Sale
  • Payment: To combine
  • Size: 2365 Hectares


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