Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property RuaisFazendas MS

Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property Ruais


5.000 has Bonito-MS

Farms report for sale in the local authority of Bonito-MS.

1-ÁREA: 5.000 has. (five thousand hectares).

2-LOCALIZAÇÃO: 70km of Bonito-MS, for dirt road cascalhada - region I center west - state of Mato Grosso of the South - Brazil.

3-OBRAS DONE (IMPROVEMENTS): 01 marries of thirst in new masonry, 01 marries official's in new masonry, 01 marries employee's, retirement, shed for maquinários, tools and animal ration, 01 shed for salt and animal ration, harnesser for troop and tools, 01 complete farm-yard in hardwood (pepper tree), rural electric energy, rural telephone, 55 divisions of winter pastures, with good fences, central corridor, orchard of fruitful plants, reservoir of fuel, water reservoir I format cup.

4-AGUAS IN the AREA (HIDROGRAFIA): 01 () stream, water springs, 60 dams and dams (small dams artificial), water bomb (when the water wheel was moved), semi-artesian well.

5-TOPOGRAPHY (TOPOGRAPHY): it glides with lightly wavy (100 % of mechanical automation).

6-PASTURE (PASTURE): 80 % of formation in grass Tanzania, MG5, Brizantão and a small part in Humidicola.

7-APTIDÃO (SKILL, CAPACITY): cattle-raising.

8-TIPO OF GROUND: Black mixture (high vegetation) high scrubland and forest, with great hardwood (pepper tree, ipê, cedar...).

9-PREÇO: R$ 6.800,00 (Six thousand and eight hundred reals) for hectare in Brazilian coin.

10-TOTAL: R$ (Thirty four million reals).

11-CONDIÇÕES: Going together, I CONTACT: fazendasms@fazendasms.com.br F: (67) 3352.8037 | (67) 9959.5699 | (67) 8121.3132 |na city Campo Grande - State of Mato Grosso of the South - Brazil.


  • Price: R$ 34.000.000,00
  • Locality: Bonito - MS
  • Type: For livestock farms
  • Purpose: Sale
  • Payment: To combine
  • Size: 5000 Hectares


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