Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property RuaisFazendas MS

Excellence and Safety in Buying and Selling Property Ruais


7,750 ha Corumbá-MS

Report of farms for sale in the municipality of Corumbá-MS.

1-AREA: 7,750 ha. (Seven thousand seven hundred and fifty hectares) or ALQ 3202.48. (Three thousand two hundred and two acres and forty-eight acres), property georeferenced.

2-LOCATION: 430km from Campo Grande-MS, with 120km of dirt road - the central west - the state of Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.

3-WORKS MADE (Benefactors): 01 simple home office, 02 homes of civil, electric light engine stationary, small shed (shed), pen in Schinus (great), arreador for troops, 17 divisions of grass with 50% of fences good and 50% of the repair fences, paddock (Small paddocks), the landing runway for small aircraft with 700 meters in length.

4-WATER IN THE AREA (Hydrography): vazantes (overfall's natural water in the flood season), corixos (small perennial rivers, the bed itself, which link "bays (lakes or ponds)" contiguous), 20 dams made of dredgers and semi artesian well.

5-topography (topography): flat (100% automation engineering).

6-Pasture (pasture): 1700 is formed with grass humidícola, 4500 s with native pasture and 20% legal reserve.

7-FITNESS (skills, abilities): livestock (creates and recreates).

8-soil type: sandy gray mixed with incidence of hardwood (Vinháticos, Balsemim, Cambaru, Jatobá, Pequi, white carbon).

9-Price: R$ 900,00 (nine hundred reais) per hectare in Brazilian currency.

10-TOTAL: R$ 6,975,000.00 (Six million nine hundred seventy-five thousand reais).

11-CONDIÇÕES: The combine, CONTACT: fazendasms@fazendasms.com.br F: (67) 3352.8037 | (67) 9959.5699 | (67) 8121.3132 | Campo Grande in the city - State of Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil.


  • Price: R$ 7.750.000,00
  • Locality: Corumbá - MS
  • Type: For livestock farms
  • Purpose: Sale
  • Payment: To combine
  • Size: 7750 Hectares


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